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Our Goal


NEXUS QPS® gives employees new knowledge, capabilities and support so they can better organize business activities, solve operational problems and make better business decisions.


Our strategies apply an integrated improvement methodology that systematically reduces cycle time variation and eliminates process waste.


Our goal is to help clients achieve significant competitive advantages that lead to improved profit margins and expanded market share.


Business is about bottom line results. That's why NEXUS QPS® helps clients identify ways to save money.


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NEXUS QPS® provides training and consulting services to help clients undertake quality and productivity initiatives in their business operations. We help companies save money by developing customized solutions to meet their unique business needs.


Perforance Management


NEXUS QPS® helps businesses improve financial results by consulting with and training clients to achieve the following:


  • Identify Strategic and operational opportunities;

  • Convert opportunities into an executable portfolio of projects;

  • Implement data-driven solutions through project fulfillment;

  • Institute systems to monitor and sustain results.


Lean Manufacturing
Partnering With Healthcare For Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is a business philosophy that delivers design and process improvement to enhance quality and productivity.